Course curriculum

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    MODULE 7: Toxicity and Environmental Causes of Disease
    • Toxicity and Environment as the Cause of Diseases and How our Modern Health Still Believes that the Cause of Disease is Bacteria and Infections
    • Environmental Toxicity - The Cause of Disease
    • Detoxification Introduction
    • Health Effects of Toxins
    • Toxicity and Heavy Metals as an Obstacle to Weight Loss
    • Diagnosis and Treatment of Environmental Toxicity by Dr Jill
    • Personal Care Products
    • Fatigue-causing Toxins--Diagnosis and Natural Treatment
    • Toxicity Treatment of Environmental (Transcript)
    • Mercury (Transcript)
    • Mercurialism
    • Mercury Q &A
    • Symptoms of Mercury Toxicity
    • Toxic Metals Guide - INSIDER'S GUIDE - RBC
    • Toxic Molds
    • Toxic Mold Protocol - CFS / MITOCHONDRIA
    • Diagnosis and Treatment of Toxicity
    • Detoxification our Health and the Environment
    • The Physiology and Biochemistry of Biotransformation Detoxification (The Phases of Detoxification) 19 min
    • The Physiology and Biochemistry of Biotransformation-Detoxification Audio
    • The Physiology and Biochemistry of Biotransformations Detoxification
    • FDMT553A Clinical Assessment of Detoxification
    • Clinical Assessment of Detoxification Audio
    • Clinical Assessment of Detoxification PowerPoint Slides
    • Clinical Assessment of Detoxification Insiders Guide
  • 2
    Mercury Toxicity: The Great Mimicker
    • Mercury Toxicity: The Great Mimicker

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