Infectious Agent in Autoimmune Disease

Conditions and Associated Infectious Agents

Immune cells of the adaptive immune response are specifically activated, but the hallmark of autoimmunity is dysregulation of the immune system.

Course curriculum

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    MODULE 9: Immunity - Gluten Sensitivity vs. Celiac Disease
    • The Autoimmune Matrix Presentation
    • Food Allergies and Sensitivities
    • Symptoms of Gluten Sensitivity or Celiac Disease
    • Undiagnosed Food Sensitivities
    • Give Your Metabolism a Boost
    • Stimulating Your Metabolism
    • Insider's Report: Stool Analysis
    • The Immunology of Gluten Sensitivity
    • Evexia Diagnostics Dr Sodano FIT
    • Evexia Diagnostics Lectins Sodano
    • Evexia Diagnostics Immune Hypersensitivity
    • FIT_Overview_IMF_San DiegoPresentation
    • Serum Zonulin - Obesity
    • EVXKMBO_WhitePaper
    • EVXKMBO IgA Immunity
    • Evexia Dr Joel Evans Bio
    • FIT Tutorial: Fingerstick Blood Spot Sample 4 mins
    • Keynote Presentation: FIT Test by Dr. Joel Evans at IFM - Video 39 minutes
    • Introducing FIT by James White (CEO, KBMO) - VIDEO 60 minutes
    • FIT Test and Functional Medicine by Dr. Joel Evans - Video - 34 minutes
    • Immune Hypersensitivity to Foods: Why food? - Video - 42 minutes
    • Sample Fit Report
    • FIT Test Brochure
    • The Practitioner's Guide to Delayed Food Sensitivities
    • IvyGene: Revolutionary Non-Invasive Cancer Testing
    • WEBINARS DNA Methylation & Cancer Webinar - Video - 31 minutes
    • IvyGene Sample Report
    • Dysfunctions of the Immune System Insider's Guide in PDF format.

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