What You Will Learn

  • See Situations

    It is possible for all of us to rise from the ashes, no matter how difficult the situations we find ourselves in may seem at the time. Sure, it is defeating to face failure, but the truth of the matter is that we can always learn to see negative situations in a positive light. Without that sort of flexibility, it can be difficult for us to achieve things in life that we want to achieve, and it can make it especially hard for us to move on when we find that we are not making the progress that we think we should make.

  • Beating Stress

    Humans are extremely hardy. We can bounce back from even the most difficult situations. If you feel like you have experienced a major difficulty, and you are having a hard time getting your footing, this course will prove to be a valuable guide. It will help you to remember that you are made of strong materials, emotionally and mentally, and in that way, you will be able to succeed.

  • Solution

    Whether you are suffering from an emotional or material setbacks, it is possible for you to get back on your feet and thrive. This course will show you how. All you have to do is believe in yourself, and remember that it is truly possible. Let’s begin!

Course curriculum

  • 1
    MODULE 6: FUNCTIONAL NUTRITION MEDICINE: Stress - the Root Cause of Disease, Brain Diseases, Endocrines & HPA Connections
    • Stress as root cause to many diseases presentation
    • Stress - VIDEO 48 minutes
    • Stress - AUDIO
    • Stress Insider's Guide
    • Emotional Freedom Techniques
    • Migraines
    • Migraines-TRANSCRIPT
    • Migraines - The Heart of the Matter
    • Migraines Heart of the Matter - TRANSCRIPT
    • The Migraine Solution
    • Depression: Functional Medicine Approach
    • Understanding Methylation
    • Understanding Methylation - TRANSCRIPT
    • Autism
    • Closing the Gates of Brain Deterioration - VIDEO 1 hour 6 minutes
    • Closing the Gates of Brain Deterioration - AUDIO
    • Closing the Gates of Brain Deterioration - TRANSCRIPT
    • An Introduction To BrainSpan Core Assessment - Video - 72 minutes
  • 2
    Adrenal Stress
    • Adrenal Stress Protocol
    • 5 Ways To Improving Your Health
    • Adrenal Stress Q&A
    • HPA Axis Optimination Program Nutritional Therapies Guide
  • 3
    Hashimoto's Disease
    • Getting to the Root Cause of Hashimoto's Presentation - Video - 60 minutes
    • Hashimoto's Diet
  • 4
    Functional Endrocrinology
    • Estrogen Metabolism - INSIDER'S GUIDE
    • Eliminate Menstrual Complaint - TRANSCRIPT
    • Female Hormone - TRANSCRIPT
    • Fertility Solution - Presentation Slides
    • Understanding Female Hormones – Part 1 - Slides - Dr Ronda Nelson
    • Understanding Female Hormones – Part 2 - Slides - Dr Ronda Nelson
    • Menopause - Endocrine Balance in aging women - Slides
    • Menopause - TRANSCRIPT
    • Menopause Q&A
    • PCOS
    • PCOS Q&A
    • Male Hormone Panel protocol
    • Testosterone Secretion in Men
    • Prostate Health Alschuler 3.22.17 final
    • Restore Testosterone in Men