You probably know...

that blood sugar issues like diabetes, Type 2 diabetes, insulin reistance and metabolic syndrome have become epidemic.

But what many people don’t realize, is these metabolic issues can be managed naturally using a combination of nutrition, movement, stress management and other integrative metabolic healing tools.

At Wholestic Nutrition, we offer a number of advanced laboratory testing methods and customized blood sugar management tools to support your unique body and help restore your metabolism.

Once we’ve done an in-depth analysis of causal factors (which differ for everyone), we’ll create a custom program of blood sugar balancing foods, specific herbs and supplements and simple lifestyle changes to keep your blood sugar levels balanced while improving your overall metabolic health.

Diabetes and other blood sugar issues don’t have to ruin your life, take control today with our Diabetes Support Program right now.
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You probably know...

Course curriculum

  • 1
    MODULE 8: Functional Medicine -- Diabetes 1, 2, & 3 Programs
    • Power Over Diabetes_Script and Special Report presentation
    • What You Will Learn FREE PREVIEW
    • What is Diabetes?
    • Getting Checked
    • Medications And Supplements - The Biochemistry Of Diabetes Management
    • Insulin Resistance
    • Liver Gluconeogenesis
    • Traditional Clinical Lab Assessments of Blood Glucose
    • Beta Cell Exhaustion
    • Diabetes Signs and Symptoms
    • Functional Medicine Clinical Lab Assessments
    • Organic Acid Testing is an Invaluable Diagnostic Tool for Diabetes AND OTHER Conditions.
    • Red Blood Cell Mineral Test
    • Treatment Options
    • Natural Herbal and Supplement Remedies:
    • Lifestyle and Nutritional Advice
    • Insulin Resistance Causes - Video - 54 mins
    • Insulin Resistance Causes Audio
    • Insulin Resistance Causes PowerPoint Slides
    • Insulin Resistance Causes Transcript
    • Diabetes Self-management
    • Click Here to read Dr. Murphy's CV
    • The Lows of Cholesterol; Why Functional Ranges Matter
    • DHEA: A Foundation Or the Wall
    • DHEA: A Foundation Or the Wall Article
    • Markers of Toxicity; Analysis of the Functional Health Report
    • Markers of Toxicity; Analysis of the Functional Health Report article
    • Insulin Resistance: Causes, Consequences and Solutions
  • 2
    MODULE 8 / CHAPTER 1 -- Health Issues Related to Diabetes
    • Power Over Diabetes: Script and Special Report PDF presentation
    • Complications from Untreated Diabetes
    • What We Can Learn From Diabetes and HbA1C, The Meaning Within a Functional Range
    • Case Report: Increasing Glycation Noted by Hemoglobin A1c and How to Manage Clinically
    • Hormones, The Balancing Act, and the Functional Health Report
    • Spotlight Analyte and Your Health: Focus on GGT or Gamma-glutamyl Transferasae
    • Uric Acid, The Double Edge Sword
    • Subclinical Hypothyroidism, Beyond A TSH
    • Clinican_Sample_FHR
    • Sample Patient Report
    • NutrEval Test presentation
    • Beyond the Microbiome -- Biofilm Complications in Oral and Systemic Health